Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The way her mind works

I love watching Addie at "work." Lately it has been a lot of fun watching her play on her own. Sure, there are plenty of times when she asks "Up! Up!" for me to hold her throughout the day or pulls two or three or...five...books from the bookshelf for me to read. There are days when Sesame Street is boring and nothing else will pacify her until we sit and put a puzzle together (even if that means in the middle of the bathroom floor) or play "get you," a game that, just as it sounds, means we run after her and "get you."

Addie has always had a doll or stuffed animal scattered somewhere around her room but she hasn't, as many kids, I'm sure, always been interested in them. Lately, that has changed. When emerging from her room at nap time or in the wee hours of the morning (as she stumbles into our room and says, "Hi!") she has at least two stuffed somethings, one tucked under each arm. Sometimes she wants them wrapped in a blanket, or tucked in her backpack, or pushed in the stroller.

It has been fun to watch her interact with them lately. It's typical toddler play, but fun to see a little imagination at work.

I also love that she really likes Word World and Curious George. She asks for them by name and even better that DVDs of both shows are cheap  - TJ Maxx is a great place for books and DVDs!

Another one of Addie's favorites include the Sesame Street version of the Plain White T's song, "Hey There Delilah."

I am thankful for a sweet little girl with a growing imagination.

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Lee Ann said...

SUCH a fun age. Look forward to seeing the crazy things our girls come up with together now!!