Monday, February 28, 2011

A few things that are lovely

I don't typically use the word "lovely" but that's the first word that came to mind as I was washing and cutting my way through these:

Thanks to my friend Lee Ann and her sweet parents, we have a stash of fresh strawberries residing in our freezer. Of course, we ate some right off the bat but, as they had given us a whole pallet of them, we're saving some for later.

Also thanks to Lee Ann, we have these:

Farm fresh eggs. I love getting eggs right from the chickens. It's fun to see the variance in colors. 

I'm also adding this to this "lovely" post:

I splurged and bought this countertop spray instead of the usual cheap, whatever disinfects kitchen spray. Today was the first day I cleaned with it and it makes the whole kitchen, even the house, smell, well, lovely. So much better than that other stuff and probably a little safer to breathe in, too. Refill bottles are available for purchase, which isn't bad, so I think this will become a fixture in my cleaning regimen.

I think that's enough lovely for one post.

I am thankful for the gifts of fresh strawberries and eggs! 

1 comment:

elise said...

all three are absolutely lovely and i'm jealous :O)
we are currently looking for some honest to goodness farm fresh eggs.... and those strawberries! yum yum yum.