Thursday, February 3, 2011

The case of the missing L

At the end of this post I hope all of you reading this don't think I'm nuts.

With a toddler running around the house you're bound to accumulate a few toys. Most likely, some of those toys are alphabet related. 

I have a thing about these alphabet toys. It bothers, really, it bothers me if any letters go missing. If I'm the one cleaning up at the end of the day I can't help but count the letters to Addie's letter links,

make sure all of the letters that go to the LeapFrog fridge phonics are stuck the the fridge,

and ensure all of the letters are in place on our multiple alphabet puzzles.

Oh, wait, what's that? You notice a letter missing? The L perhaps? 

Yes, that's right, earlier this week as we were conducting the evening clean up we found all but the letter L to this particular puzzle. This puzzle is part of a set my mom bought Addie for Christmas. I requested the Circo set from Target, which includes a storage rack. I love the rack and Addie does too...not so much for storing puzzles as for using for some other imaginary play. But, when we do get all of the puzzles put together and in the rack, it looks oh so nice.

So there we were with no L. We looked high and low, under furniture and cushions, in places where it was least likely to be found (the dishwasher?), even in the trash (which happened to be extra gross that day). At my request, Sabian continued to look as I put Addie to bed. Then, I continued to look after she was in bed. Alas, no L. I was frustrated.

There are days when it seems like life revolves around retrieving things - pacifiers, sippy cups, toys -  I figure if we kept track, we parents of toddlers would be surprised (or maybe we wouldn't!) at the time we spend tracking. Just goes with the territory!

Of course I was able to put the missing L into perspective. It certainly wasn't the end of the world, there are worse things that can happen (and are happening) and one little L wasn't going to keep Addie from continuing to take that puzzle apart and putting it together over and over and over again. Plus, Sabian was probably right, we would find it when we least expected it.

That didn't keep me from thinking about it while we were watching TV that night. I knew it was in the same room with us and not knowing where it was bugged me.

By the next day I'd settled my mind. I mean, I'm not so crazy about it that I don't realize toys get broken, lost, misplaced, drooled on, stained, etc. When I became a mom I did acknowledge and accept that life would change in big ways. I reminded myself then and continue to do so now, that these things are okay - dishes in the sink, dirt on the floor, laundry waiting to be put away, being a little more disorganized - because in the grand scheme of things, I get to hang out with one of the coolest little people I know.

As we went about our day I didn't think about the L. That is, until I found it!

I'd moved the TV and there it was. It had slipped under a spot between the TV and our console. 

The puzzle was complete. All of our puzzles have their pieces, all of the other toys have their parts. For now.

I am thankful for perspective. ;) And, for friends and family who accept me, silly foibles and all.

Can't help but adding this related post from a year ago!

P.S. Since we are talking about alphabets, I LOVE this etsy shop's stuffed felt alphabet sets. I keep wanting to buy a set for Addie, but I may just have to wait...until we lose a few letters to something else!

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