Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mountainfilm Fun

Last weekend we had a dose of home via a visit from my sister and brother-in-law. They were actually staying about an hour from us in WaterColor, which is a beach community that is primarily populated by tourists but there are some full-time residents in the area, too. The community itself is pretty cool and we had the good fortune of being able to stay with them overnight on Friday and spend most of the day Saturday there.

The big event for the weekend was Mountainfilm, a film festival that finds its home in Telluride, CO but travels to the gulf coast once a year as well. My sister usually makes it down here for the festival and this year we were joining them. It runs for two nights but we just attended Friday night. Films are shown outdoor on a huge, inflatable screen against a backdrop of awesomely lit trees (see photo above. I think that photo is circa 2002-03). They even offer fire pits and you can make s'mores for free! The program runs for about three hours each night and features short films or excerpts of films exploring a variety of topics.

It was a chilly night! We came prepared with sweatshirts, jackets, and blankets and created a cozy cocoon for Addie, who fell asleep during the second half of the evening. We enjoyed spending time with some of my sister's friends and met some new people as well.

Here is Addie, ready to greet the chilly night:

Saturday was a lazy, beautiful day. We started at the Farmer's Market in WaterColor and then ended up with lunch before we headed back to Wewa and a busy Sunday. It was good to hang out with Les and Dan and to see what Mountainfilm is all about.

If you're interested, this was one of our favorites from the night. It is just under five minutes and worth the viewing, I think.

I am thankful that we had some time with my sister and Dan and that Addie did well during the festival. We'd love to make it to Telluride one year...we'll see!

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