Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy Halloween in November

So, I'm late on posting about Halloween. I quickly took pictures of Addie as we rushed out the door to our church's Fall Festival on the 31st, but thought we'd end up staging Halloween later and take some other photos with Addie's first pumpkin. It didn't happen. We did have the pumpkin but never got the chance to carve it and we just never dressed her up again to take new photos. I really wanted her to have a cute first pumpkin - maybe next year.

Originally Addie was going to be a cute monkey, with mom and dad as bananas. When I learned it was going to be 80 degrees on Halloween I quickly nixed that idea. How could I put my sweet girl in a heavy, stuffy costume in that heat? Instead, I found a cute idea in an magazine that seemed easy enough so I forged ahead with my noncrafty self and set about to get it together. Easier said than done. Oh, and that 80 degrees? Seems a cold front came through and it ended up being very chilly that night. It was wonderful, but not what I'd anticipated.

It may not seem like it by the pictures, but pulling her costume together was a lot easier said than done. Note to others - if you are looking for long johns or sleep sets in any solid color for babies, you're out of luck. Well, unless you do some preplanning or you're more resourceful than I am. Same goes for solid color party hats. Yes, that's right. You'd think those would be easy to find, but think again. If you're looking for Dora the Explorer, Transformers, or any other character, you're in.

After running around to more stores than I wanted, and after rinsing, re-rinsing, bleaching, and rinsing (again) my washer to make sure all of the red dye was gone, this is what we had:

The cutest red crayon I've ever seen. I'm a little proud of how she turned out. We ended up having to cover her up when it got chilly, but I think Addie's first stab at dressing up was a success. I'm just looking forward to when she gets older and I can raid her Halloween candy stash.


Lee Ann said...

Such a cute little crayola!

Shari said...

You did wonderful job. She is/was so cute:)