Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Infirmary

Snot, sniffles, coughs, fatigue - this has been our life for the past few days. I haven't stepped foot outside in three days. Check that - I did step a foot outside of the front door this morning, but that's been it. Cabin fever is settling in. Can you detect the insanity in this post?

It started with Addie's sniffles and a trip to the doctor on Friday. I've told myself I don't want to be one of those moms that jumps at the tiniest of things, but we were heading out of town that afternoon to take some students to youth convention in Pensacola and I wanted to make sure it was okay to take her. The doctor, who got us in an hour after I called, prescribed three days of antibiotics and gave us the green light to go ahead. There was an inkling in my mom brain to stay behind, but for a few reasons, plus the doctor's go ahead, I felt okay to move ahead.

By Saturday I was feeling a little light headed and had a bit of a cough. I knew I was sharing Addie's junk. Despite her sniffles, she did really well on the trip and kept her spirits high for the most part.

To be on the safe side Addie and I stayed home from church Sunday morning and planned to join in the Thanksgiving festivities that night at church. By Sunday afternoon I realized that wasn't going to happen. While Addie seemed to be feeling better, I was feeling worse. As of Monday morning, the two of us were in the same boat again. I told Sabian last night I was going to cut my nose off, I was so sick of the sneezing and the dripping and the blowing.

Today, I am happy to report I am feeling much better, but I can hardly jump up and down since Addie is still not feeling well. From time to time she lets her happy self shine through, but I can tell she just feels bad. I hate that, and I am frustrated. I'm not frustrated with her, just frustrated that I can't make it better, especially when I know she is crying just because she hurts. Being sick and caring for a sick baby is way different than those "I remember when" days when it was just me and if I was sick, I slept. Now, it doesn't matter if mom is sick - someone else still needs to be taken care of. But, Addie has been a good sport, hanging with me in front of the TV or on the couch or in bed.

So much for getting ahead on our Thanksgiving planning. We are having our own little dinner like we did last year, but we will prepare it tomorrow. Thursday we will head to the home of our good friend/neighbor/church member/surrogate mom and grandma, Connie, and enjoy Thanksgiving with her family. Then, hopefully, we'll be able to take advantage of a laid back, plans free weekend that will hopefully include a healthy Addie.

I am thankful for Sabian, who has been taking care of us as much as he can, and Lee Ann, who thoughtfully brought us dinner for tonight! One less thing I need to think about, which is great!

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