Saturday, October 17, 2009

On the Road Again - Sweet Savannah

Here we go again!

We're making our way up to the Smokies and doing some sightseeing along the way. First stop, Savannah, GA. Six hours to Savannah seemed like a drop in the bucket compared to the six I drove to Illinois when it was just me and Addie. Having someone else along (namely, Sabian) makes it sooooo much easier. We made great time yesterday and got up this morning, ready to see this beautiful city.

Wow. It is so pretty here. So, so pretty. We've already decided that we want to get back here when we have more time. Today we explored, mostly on foot, Forsyth Park and the surrounding areas. We ate at a cafe called Clary's where I had some tasty hot chocolate that included FREE refills! Where can you get free refills on hot chocolate? Okay, so it was only one free refill, but who needs more than two mugs of hot chocolate with whipped cream in one sitting?

The hot chocolate was much needed - it was a pretty but chilly day. But, cooler temps are one thing we're in search of on this trip so we soaked it up. We bundled Addie up and trekked along.

I am thankful to be on vacation! Here are some photos from our day.



Lee Ann said...

Love Addie's coat! Looks fun! Hope the rest of your trip is *amazing* for ya'll. Better get some rest, last night was a rough night with Ivory...why am I not in bed yet already?! But, I know you understand the answer to this q my fellow-mom. Look forward to sharing vacation experiences when we actually see each other again!

Becky said...

The picture of Addie sleeping and you drinking your hot chocolate is absolutely HILARIOUS!!! Enjoy your trip, and the cooler weather! Sometimes its really just needed. This weekend in Michigan, emi and i put our feet in the water and walked across the sand barefoot, all the while it was like 45deg outside, but something about doing that was very rejuvenating!!!! LOVE YOU!!!