Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Drugstore is Closed on Saturday

The drugstore in Wewa is closed on Saturday. I knew that. Well, I didn't know that in my head, but in my heart as I set out to go buy some decongestant for my stuffy nose I just knew it wouldn't be open. Sure enough, when I pulled into the parking lot, there were no Saturday hours posted on the door. I thought at the very least they'd be open in the morning, even until noon. I mean, c'mon! Come to think of it, I don't think it is open on Wednesdays, either. No, I know that for sure, when I stopped by there to get something for youth service one night only to discover that it was...closed.

Leave it to Wewa, just when you really need something, the place where you need to get it or whatever it is you need is unavailable. That might sound harsh, and typically I would read that, feel bad, and delete it, but I'm coming off of a week of being at home with my family, so anything that isn't Illinois at this point just isn't measuring up. Bear with me - I'm in my "readjustment" period.

Thanks to Dollar General (I never noticed that all small towns have a DG until I moved here) I was able to get a hold of some medicine and I'm - hopefully - on my way to decongesting.

Since I am in the stuffy nose/head zone and I am currently still sorting through items left over from the trip and trying hard not to breathe on Addie in the process of getting settled, I'll wait until I have a clearer head to write about my trip home. For now, just now that Addie and I both made it there and back in one piece. Phew.

I am thankful for many things today. Tomorrow I hope to be thankful for a clear nose.

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Becky said...

dear friend you crack me up!!! small town troy has a dollar general..but as of sept 25 it also has a walgreens now haha!!!