Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Catching Up

It seems my "flurry of posts" has turned into more of a trickle. Nevertheless, I will get on with some of the other things I mentioned in an earlier post and then move on to more recent happenings.

Canine Relocation
This is what our yard has looked like since we returned from visiting home at Christmas:

No sign of Roxy, our friend from across the street. Well, I shouldn't say "no" sign of her. It's just that it seems she has abandoned us. Left us. Shown us the door. We didn't see her for a few days after returning and I thought maybe it was the other way around, that she felt abandoned by us, so she took off. Now I'm not so sure. I did see her one day in the empty lot next to our neighbor's house, basking in the sun, so I thought maybe she was just proving to us that she didn't need us, but I assumed once she knew we were back, she would be back, too. I even noticed that the sprinkler, a boot, and some other items had appeared in that empty lot, her surrogate home. This was a few weeks ago. She still hasn't come back.

One morning while I was out on a walk with my friend Libby, three dogs came charging at us and one of them was Roxy. She was pretty quiet, as was one of the other dogs, but the third was very vocal and seemed to have a bad attitude. My true fear is that Roxy has taken up with the wrong crowd and is no longer the sweet dog we once knew. Oh, Roxy.

This is not to say that the dogs in Wewa are any less apparent. Just this morning I had to weave around a big black dog that was laying in the middle of our road. Literally, would not budge and I had to drive part way in the grass to get around him. Unbelievable (I even said it out loud). Not to mention the cat that ran out in front of my car the other day. It was like the scenario in the movies, when a car is trying to beat a train over the tracks. I saw the cat on the left side of my car, poised, but I thought, "certainly it will stay there." Never assume anything about the animals in Wewa - the cat looked at me, I'm sure in the eye, and shot out right in front of my car. Ridiculous.

No sign of my bunny friend, either.

Hee Hee Whooooo
Lamaze classes are in full swing. We've been to three weeks and have three weeks to go. We're really enjoying them and have met some nice couples. There's even a girl from Belleville, IL in the class! The midwife we have been seeing is teaching the class and it has definitely given us some things to think about concerning the birthing process. We went on our hospital visit on Sunday, which was good, and even better now that we know the TVs in the birthing rooms accomodate Wiis. Tennis? Bowling? Not quite, but in my pre-labor optimisim I envision playing some Tetris. Maybe not? We'll see. Each new thing we learn brings this baby stuff home just a little more.

In other baby news, we'll go to the doctor again this week and find out if Addie has turned. In the meantime, she's letting us know she's in there with much purpose on her part. Six weeks to go!

Toes: Missing
This is my view down these days:

If I lean forward, then I can catch a glimpse of my toes:

This is a pregnancy milestone, right? I'm sure if I had really noticed I'd have known earlier that I couldn't see them anymore, but it hit me last week and struck me as a little funny. Just one of those moments.

I posted some new pictures last week on Facebook. Here is the link if you are interested:


That about wraps it up! On to hitch the horses up and go into town.

Today I am thankful for our neighbors (again). Mrs. Miller stopped by yesterday to see how I was doing since she knew that Sunday I was dealing with some back pain. If you ever need to duel it out in Cranium with some fun people, the Millers are it!

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Shari said...

Melissa, what a nice break from work. I really enjoy your writing skills. Hopefully one day you will write a book and give me one of the first copies. I do enjoy your writing style.