Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dueling for Peace?

I know MLK Jr's birthday is over, and the timeliness of this celebration and this year's inauguration has some significance, but I couldn't help but bring to light, in all of this talk of change and peace, a bit of irony.

I was watching Special Report with Brett Baier (who, by the way, has a way too perfect coif for as young as he seems he is - strangely enough, I can't find information about his age) and he brought up a feud between "dueling parade organizers" concerning the MLK Jr. parade in Houston, TX. The phrase "dueling parade organizers" caught my attention and tickled my funny bone, drawing me into this story.

It seems the MLK Parade Foundation and the Black Heritage Society (sorry, no link) fight it out each year to host the city's annual MLK Jr. Day parade. Apparently, Houston holds firm to its one parade a day law, so each organization has to fight for its case, or, as with last year, flip for it.

I don't know about you, but I think this is pretty funny. On a day when we celebrate unity, these two organizations are DIS-unified. Or, I suppose you could look at it as them actually being unified in their quest to host the parade, but that just might be stretching it.

If you read about either of these organizations, you'll see that the 2009 theme of the MLK Parade Foundation's celebration is "The Color of Unity."

Wonder which color this would qualify for?

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