Monday, January 19, 2009

The Smell of "New"

A new President makes the news, but what about new CARPET?!!

We've been blessed with a houseful of brand new, plush, neutral carpet. Did I say neutral? Not that there's anything wrong with hunter green carpet, but I must say, we are now enjoying brighter days thanks to our generous pastor and church board.

I joke, but we are very thankful for this new carpet. We do feel very blessed by all that our church family does for us and we gratefully recognize all that they do, and I am sure that plenty goes on behind the scenes that we don't know about.

For myself, I am even more grateful that my thoughtful husband chose to schedule the carpet laying while I was out of town. What a guy. Not only did he arrange for it to fall during a week when I went home to Illinois, but he handled the tearing apart of the house and the reassembling of all of the furniture and everything else. When I walked in the door after returning from my trip, the house looked just the same, and at the same time altogether different. He did an amazing job. And, he had more surprises...

These were also waiting for me. Along with the tidy house (not a dish in the sink!) and flowers, Sabian had also assembled the baby's crib (pictures to come later) and he also picked up my Christmas present that arrived while I was gone and surprised me with it in the car after picking me up at the airport. Just a little bragging on my husband...

The carpet was the biggest thing that was left as far as settling into the house, but we've been taking care of smaller things here and there. Now that we've painted the interior of two houses, we feel like old pros (not really!), but the one good thing about painting is when it is DONE. We don't mind doing it, but it is a big job. A couple of weeks ago I repainted our kitchen table and chairs for the second time. Given to us by a family in our last church, the set is still going strong. In Illinois I painted it white to freshen it up, but in our move here it sustained some nicks and scratches and was ready for a new look. View my Thanksgiving post for a "before" look. After:

Coincidentally, today I was reading an article about getting things done around the house before babies arrive. How timely. For now, I think this will be the last of the painting for a while, for which we are both relieved. Who knows what the next project will be, but we hope it is far enough into the future to have forgotten how much work it can be.

Today I am thankful for our carpet, of course, and my husband and all the work he does, as well as the little extras he throws in.

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Lee Ann said...

Way to go, Sabian! Looks fabulous!!!