Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It was a busy weekend. We did get to lay low a bit on Friday, but Saturday and Sunday picked up quite a bit. One of the college students at our church organized a True Love Waits rally at the school, complete with a band that came in from Southeastern, an AG school in Lakeland, FL (more about them in a bit). We did not have the pleasure of hosting any of the band members at our house, but the ten of them stayed with various families in our church for the weekend.

Sunday was church, and then the ladies at church threw me a baby shower (hence the cake above). It was a lot of fun and Addie received some great gifts and lots of love from our church family. After the baby shower it was church at 4 because we were having a Super Bowl party at the high school at 5. After that, it was all over, but I know for many others it was a crazy weekend with other miscellaneous events and happenings. Sometimes Wewa can surprise you.

Back to the band. The Josh Hiers Band hails from Lakeland and is affiliated with Southeastern University. I first heard them at youth camp last summer and the kids here often talk about them, so it was pretty exciting for them that the band would be in Wewa for the weekend. They are considered a praise and worship band made up primarily of Southeastern students. Full of energy and extremely approachable, they make quite an impact. They stuck around and led our worship service Sunday morning and even the older people were pleased with them, so much so that they didn't complain about the volume. It wasn't all about their music, but even how they carried themselves and connected with the kids and congregation. It was great to have them here. If you're in Illinois and going to camp this summer, they will be in Carlinville and from what I understand, they have been there before.

Just a couple of other things. This is what my laundry room looks like these days. If I could post the sweet smell of Baby All, I would. It is fun, washing all of her clothes and contemplating all of the questions - will she have enough to wear? How quickly will she grow out of some of this? What will she fit into right away? How big or small will she be? It is hard to believe that in a few short weeks all of these questions will be answered. Until then, we wait and continue to pray that she will turn but that most of all, she is healthy and growing and developing like she needs to for the rest of the time she is in there. Ready or not, she will soon be here!

An interesting bit of information - you can obtain your hunting and/or fishing license at our local IGA. How about that?

Today I am thankful for cooler temperatures here. It just feels nice.

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Becky said...

very interesting. the closer you get i'm gonna have to start taking a bet on how big she is. right now my guess is that she will be 7lbs 8oz when she is born. why? idk just a number that sounds good. in the delivery room we all take our bets as soon as the baby is born its pretty fun. i have a 6 day stretch off at the end of march, so i am working on arrangements to come see you guys then! yay! have a wonderful day! love you!!!