Thursday, February 12, 2009

Back to School

In one of my last posts I mentioned a couple of events we were able to participate in with the high school - a True Love Waits rally and a Super Bowl party. In ministry it is a rare opportunity to have access to the local schools. It is actually one of the things that was appealing to us when we were considering moving to Wewa. Sabian was really excited to know that he would be able to interact with the students at school and that he was actually welcome in the schools.

As a result, he has been able to visit the kids at school during lunch and has had opportunities to connect with teachers and other staff members. I can't begin to pretend to know everything about the schools here, as I have not been able to be as up front in school activities. While I understand that the schools here have some things to be desired, it is valuable to know that their doors are open. In Illinois and other communities in which Sabian has worked the schools are closed to ministers.

In the nine months since we have been here (which seems both like a long time and a blur!) we know that there are other ways in which we would like to be involved, but just haven't been able to yet take advantage of those opportunities. But, knowing that the schools are willing to sponsor activities or participate with the churches in town is a blessing. Others who know more than I do may have more to say on the topic, but I thought I might clarify the ability to be involved in the school system here. Some people we know have been able to teach as substitutes and Sabian was approached the other day by someone at the school to do so, which is another opportunity. It is one that causes my stomach to turn at the thought of ME doing it, but kudos to those who do. Put me in charge and I'm afraid I might let them eat me alive!

I've been lacking in sharing much information lately about Wewa and I realize there is still so much to tell. I'll try to be better at it and please, if you are reading this and wonder anything at all about Weeewawwwwhitchkaaaa, ask and I'll attempt to answer.

I'm thankful today that Sabian was able to meet with kids today at lunch. It really is one of the things he loves most about what he does.

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