Saturday, September 11, 2010

Marvelous Miscellany

I guess I worked so hard on Monday I decided to take the rest of the week off from posting.

We stuck to pretty much our normal routine this week but still had plenty to do. I was feeling a little less ambitious when it came to coming up with outings for Addie and I so we spent a lot of time outside, milling about around our house. We drew on the sidewalk, dug in the dirt, blew bubbles, played in the water, swam in the newly cleaned pool, enjoyed a play date with Ivory, Micah and Lee Ann...and ran some errands and did all of our "regular" stuff. I even snuck in a couple of naps. It wasn't even really too hot to be out. Today, however, it is pretty warm and there is not much of a breeze. In an effort to summon Fall, I bought these:

So far, it isn't working. Maybe I need to make another pot of soup.

This week also heralded the arrival of these:

Cornhole. Do you play it? These boards are a belated Father's Day gift for Sabian from Addie. A friend of ours, Larry, has made some of these sets and I requested a set for Sabian. They turned out great and he was surprised and excited to see them. Well worth the wait!

Here are a few photos from the week's antics. Notice anything lurking on the chain in the last photo?

When I started this post I was just about to get Addie up from her nap so we could run help some friends before we needed to get to church to feed a band that was playing a youth rally we were having tonight at church. Crazy afternoon/evening, but a good time. And no, I do not make it a habit to wake Addie up from naps. In fact, it is one of my mom rules - never, as long as you can avoid it, wake a sleeping baby. But, every now and then there is an exception. Needless to say, she went right to bed tonight. It was either her 11 o'clock bedtime last night (Sabian took her to a youth rally at another church with our kids - I went shopping!), her early wake up call at nap time today and her 10:30 p.m. bedtime tonight that also helped her sleepy self drift off quickly tonight. Hmm, you think?!

I am thankful for a good, part relaxing, part productive, week.

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Becky said...

beautiful flowers! do you make a habit of letting Addie drink pool water? haha....has your working brain come back to you yet? I hope so!!