Thursday, September 23, 2010

Finding Fall

I used to waffle between two seasons - which was my favorite, spring or fall? Today I officially claim fall as my favorite season, spring a close second. The problem is, there is not much of a fall in the panhandle. I often say that one of the things I miss most about the Midwest is the change of the seasons. I am especially missing it this year. It is still hot, still humid and the a/c is still humming away while the windows are tightly shut. I'm ready to turn off the a/c and throw open the windows but if I did that now we'd be one hot, stinkin' mess.

I suppose you could say I am lamenting fall. I'm just ready for sweatshirts with flip flops and for Addie's cheeks to be pink with cool instead of heat. The leaves don't turn colors here. As Sabian says, everything just turns brown and dies and then comes back green again. It's true, there isn't much of a transition and about the only sign I see of fall is that our grass is turning brown. That could also be for the lack of rain in these parts but I'd like to believe that if it is a sign of fall, then cooler weather is behind the brown.

Another sign of the season lately, and one I really like, is the full moon we've had for the last few nights. Tuesday night we had a few kids from church over and we were outside playing around when I saw a flutter out of the corner of my eye. An owl had flown to one of our neighbor's trees and was watching us. I'd never seen one so close and it was mesmerizing. Sure, that might sound a little cheesy, but it really was. The way it moved its head, blinked its eyes, and blended in to the surroundings was very cool. Addie could even see it and kept saying, "Ow, ow!" However, I did not like how it eyed my daughter as though she was potential dinner. I've been assured it would not have swooped down and attempted to grab her but as she was the smallest of our bunch I don't doubt that the thought ran through its mind. Unfortunately, I have no photos because it was too dark. But trust me, it was something to remember.

Hopefully next week we'll get to experience fall as we head (slightly) north. Our vacation plans have changed and we're now leaving earlier than planned but I am excited to get away. I'll share more as our plans unfold!

I am thankful for a productive errand day with a well-behaved girl and for the arrival of my friend Nicole this weekend!

Since I have no relevant photos for this post, how 'bout a flashback to Addie from last September?


elise said...

i mourn for your loss of fall!! although its STILL in the 90's here this week. but there's a little tiny breeze that gives me hope.

the owl sound awesome! i love the awe inspiring moments in nature/life.

and how stinking cute is that baby girl!?
comparison pics from the same season the year before are fun:O)

hooray for vacay! we are headed to tropical (ha) OK in october- but hey- it's a break! i'll take it!

Lee Ann said...

How big Addie seems when you post that picture!