Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ketchup...Catsup...Catch Up

You'd think since I haven't posted in over a week that there's been a lot going on. We have been busy but nothing is of major significance. I guess I have just been lazy or lacking in photos or any grand news to share. But, of course I hate to leave you, my loyal readers, hanging, so here we go.

Life just sometimes takes over and the every day is just that...the every day. Not bad, not great, it just is. It has been terribly hot and humid down here in the panhandle and the rain does nothing to alleviate the suffocating heat. It is one thing to be trapped inside due to rain or snowstorms but yet another to be cooped up because of heat. I know Addie has to be bored and at times, I am too. But, as soon as we step outside her cheeks turn red and she gets super hot, super fast. The girl who loves to be outside is ready to be held not long after we've ventured out of the door. So, what to do? Sesame Street and pretzel sticks have been lifesavers, not to mention that we have VBS all week this week, every night, at church. Addie has loved going and being around all of the kids and has received much attention from all. Our regular nightly schedule has been thrown out the window in favor of Egyptian costumes, heavy eye makeup and lots of running around and high fives for teenagers.

Speaking of VBS, we've been "visiting" Egypt this week. Check out the set the team built:

Take a guess at what it is all made of. They did a great job creating it and putting it all together and so far it has been a fun week.

Let's see, what else have we been up to?

Last Friday Sabian and I actually had a date. Our day date consisted of a movie, dinner and a quick errand run. We want to be better about this date thing and we realize the importance of having time together, we always have, but it is a little challenging when we don't have sitters readily available. We do have willing people but those that we have also lead busy lives. Not having family around is hard when it comes to this kind of thing because as much as you may have a couple of options as far as babysitters are concerned, we all know that when it comes to your kids and having family close by it is just so much easier and comfortable to be able to hand your kiddos over to them. But, this time we had a willing college student whom Addie loves come over and keep her company for a few hours, for which we were grateful. It was good to have some time just us.

So, life has been full of miscellany lately. I do have a couple of specific things to post about coming up but I need to take the corresponding photos. In the meantime I will leave you with this:

Would you trust YOUR insurance with a guy named Harry Grizzle?

I am thankful for some time with Sabian - and then I was thankful to get home to our girl!


elise said...

i've been the same way- things have been busy, but not crazy busy. i've just been kind of meh about posting.
Glad you got to go out for a little bit!
we are lucky about having grandparents close, but the few times we've had actual sitters (even though they are good) it's hard not to be thinking about them the whole time we are gone!

Lee Ann said...

We'll watch Addie one day, too so ya'll can date! =) But yes, we're one of those "busy people" you speak of...

Ivory saw the picture of you and Sabe and yells, "Addie's house!!"

Looks like we must plan a play date soon!