Thursday, July 29, 2010

I'm a Winner!

This beauty is mine, all mine!

This Large Wedge Tote in lovely Goldenrod was handcrafted by Jill Harrell, aka, Scabby Robot. I've admired her Etsy shop since I fell in love with Etsy and I've visited it often, wistfully browsing through her inventory. I jumped on the chance to win one of her creations on another blog, Zip & Ruth, and entered this little ditty:

Goldenrod, Cedar, Mocha or Bone,
Each of you, all of you,
I'd love to bring you home!
Scabby Robot, I've admired you,
Long from afar,
Oh to have one of you
Finally at home on my arm!

Jill and Zip & Ruth's author and creator, Illana, chose ME to win an item of my choice from Jill's shop. I couldn't believe it. Our Illinois crew was visiting when I checked my email and found the good news in my inbox. I think I startled them with my reaction. You'd think I'd won the lottery. I was so excited.

As I am one of those "I never win anything" people, I was really happy and honored that they chose me to win. But, as my luck would have it, we hit a snag.

The package never arrived. In a flurry of emails between myself and Jill and multiple visits to the post office, it seems the package was gone, lost. My beautiful bag never made it.

Jill, being the awesome businesswoman and all around person that she is, replaced the bag and it arrived this week. Awesome, awesome, awesome.

Visit her website, her Etsy store and stop by and see her on Facebook. She's a cool gal who possesses much creativity and delivers beautiful, meticulous handiwork.

Visit Zip & Ruth, too, for great giveaways and general handcrafted fun.

I am thankful to generous, benevolent people like Jill! Thanks so much!

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Becky said...

AHHHH!!!!!! Thats what we heard as we were playing phase 10! It was dramatic, scary and hilarious all at once. I even said Melissa, Addie is sleeping and you replied I dont even care if she wakes up thats fine I WON!!!! And I knew then this bag was extraordinary if it was worth waking your sleeping girl. But regardless, I'm glad you won, and I'm thankful I was there to experience your reaction. And I'm SOOOO HAPPY you FINALLY got it, the bag has made it home!!!!!