Monday, July 19, 2010

Au Revoir Isn't Fun

Today we said goodbye to Rachel and put her on a plane back to Illinois. Rachel was part of our youth group at our church in Illinois and is now in college, going to school to be a sign language interpreter. She was great company and Addie loved having her here as her constant playmate. Rachel and I agreed that it was probably a good thing that Addie was taking a nap when the two of us left for the airport. Here's why - the other day when our doorbell rang and a few people, including kids, were at the door to tell us about a local VBS. They were here all of two minutes and when they left Addie cried as though they were her best friends. So, it was probably better that Addie didn't have the chance to do the same when Rachel left.

I'm part of the camp that hates goodbyes. In my mind I think that If I could get away without ever saying goodbye then I would, but in reality I'd feel terrible if I never said goodbye.

It doesn't matter what kind of goodbye it is - death, moving away, leaving for a trip, leaving from a trip - goodbye is just hard. I think I've figured out that I don't like it because it signifies change, and change and I have a stormy relationship.

I get it - change happens. It is an inevitable in our lives (why don't "they" include change when they say death and taxes for the certainties in life?) and it can even be healthy. God uses change to teach us, to show us new things and to reveal Himself. All of that doesn't escape me and while I understand that change is necessary I don't think I have to like it. Sometimes I do like it but even with good changes, no matter how big or small, it can be hard for me, too.

Ooof, where did this post take such a serious turn?!

We love you Rachel! Thanks for coming and hanging out with us.

I am thankful for Rachel and for her taking time out of her summer to visit us and to help and be an encouragement in general to us.

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