Friday, June 4, 2010

Oil, oil go away

I'm posting from a hotel room in Cape Girardeau, MO while Addie takes her afternoon nap. We're here for a wedding - one of Sabian's friends. I'll post more on that later.

For now, I was going to give a quick recap of our Memorial Day and now it seems appropriate as it may be in memory of our pristine beaches here. Seems the oil is on its way.

Memorial Day was a lazy day. We didn't leave the house until almost five. When we left we headed for the beach, hoping to skip the crowds and the heat of the day. We were able to do both. As evidenced by my many photos we have been to the beach numerous times and Addie has accompanied us many times as well. Before now she was pretty little, probably really too little to appreciate it. The last time we went we weren't able to stay too long because it was chilly and the wind was whipping the sand into our legs. But, Addie was enjoying playing in the sand. I knew the next time we could make it she would have a lot of fun.

And fun she did. Sabian took her swimming and she seemed at ease among the waves. Even when walking along the beach she would charge ahead into the water, which makes for lots of fun for mom and dad, right?! She liked playing in the sand with her shovel and bucket and she loved it when the seagulls were all around. It appears she possesses her dad's bird whisperer tendencies. She especially liked working out her little long legs by walk, walk, walking. She offered a friendly wave and a, "hi" to anyone and everyone we passed and if there was a baby or anyone close to her size she had to stop and watch them.

It was the perfect time to be out at the beach and it was fun seeing Addie do so much exploring. I'm afraid that next time we try to go we may run into oily beaches, which makes me sad.

I'm thankful for living close to the beach so that we are able to enjoy it as often as we can.


Lee Ann said...

My mom totally went to college in Cape Girardeau. Crazy. Hope ya'll have a great trip. Lovin' Addie's curls!

Creations By Lyndsay said...

The oil makes me sad, too!

Cape Girardeau! That's where I am this weekend:) Good ol' Cape...

Did they get married at that outdoor place in Gordonville? Or in a church here in Cape?

Melissa said...

I thought of you, Lyndsay, and Rachel, too! They got married at the River Campus overlooking the river and the bridge. It was really cool.