Friday, June 11, 2010

The calm before the oil

Yesterday was one of those beach days you wish for when you're on vacation. Full sunshine, slight breeze, calm, clear water - it was the kind of day you could spend all day at the beach. Alas, I did need to get back home to my husband and daughter but I spent a good, sanity-inducing couple of hours enjoying it.

So far we've seen no oil but there was quite a bit of activity on the beach when I got there. There were many people walking around in "street clothes" wearing official looking badges around their necks. There were a few riding around in go carts and a helicopter or two whirring overhead. I also got a glimpse of this:

It is strange seeing the boom floating in the water. It definitely breaks up the view.

Later on in the day Addie enjoyed some dress up time in one of my t-shirts. She loves running around in our tees.

I'm thankful the oil hasn't hit us...yet.

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Shari said...

I love the photos of Addie in this, they are so adorable. And I enjoyed the blog as usual. What is the boom thingy? do you know