Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Illinois Invasion

(Two of the crew plus Sabian enjoying a Sunday afternoon nap)

The house is quiet, there are no towels hanging outside on our porch rail, no shoes piled at the front door. What's wrong?

Last week four friends from Illinois made the trip to spend a few days in Wewa. Becky, Stacy, Jacob and Ross spent their time with us frolicking in the waves, shopping and lounging. They also had a chance to spend some time with some of our kids from church. We attempted to achieve all of the goals on their Wewa list although Stacy did not have a chance to meet everyone in Wewa. We tried to come up with ways to make that happen but alas, it did not.

It looked as though we would not be able to fulfill one goal - the purchase of Wewa tshirts - when it appeared that all available outlets in Wewa were out of Wewa shirts. Way to be, Wewa. However, upon hearing of their dilemma on their last night in Wewa, Allison and Chelsey, two of our girls from church, mysteriously disappeared after youth service only to return about half an hour later with hot off the press Wewa tees for the group. They saved the day!

It was really nice to have people from home here and Addie loved the constant company. We miss them, but we're so glad they were here for those few days.

I am thankful our IL crew made it here and back safely.

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