Monday, November 21, 2011


I have this journal that I sometimes (rarely) write in - I have good intentions, I think about it, but then I don't do it. I even made it simpler on myself. Instead of keeping a separate prayer/devotion journal, or a journal for other topics, long ago I told myself I'd just keep one and record it all in there.

Well, I've been pretty bad about it. The last time I checked, if I remember correctly without having to get up and actually go look, my last entry was in February. I do remember it was about Addie and what she was up to those many months ago.

I often remember the journal when I see or hear her do something that I want to remember. And while I have reminded myself that this blog serves a good purpose in recording much of what is going on in our lives, I do miss the actual writing on paper. Especially when I think about being able to hand it over to our kids one day. 

In thinking about all of this, and of the things Addie is doing lately that I want to burn into my brain, I also realized it's been a while since I've blogged about her antics and her goings on.

I hear this question about a million times a day - and it's been going on for a while. When she first started asking I was really surprised it was coming so early. I try to count it a blessing that she is so inquisitive, but there are times that, even at two, I can tell she's asking just to be asking. That's when I start asking, "Why?" back. ;)

Whether she's announcing her arrival, dressing herself, or drawing something important, "Ta-da!" is also a staple of Addie's vocabulary these days. I find it pretty hilarious, especially when she's pulled on a pair of pants or put her shoes on by herself and she exclaims, "Ta-da!"

"That's exciting!"
This is another favorite phrase these days. "Hey Addie, we have to get ready to go to church." Her response: "That's exciting!" There are many things that we as adults would find unimportant and mundane, but to Addie, "That's exciting!"

"Pirates say 'Arrrr.'" At first, this one was tough for me to decipher, but as soon as I figured out what she was saying, I was completely humored and perplexed. I mean seriously, where does she come up with this stuff?

Boo hoo
Addie has, since she was really little, had a habit of crying when people leave our house. You'd think we never let her out, or she was never around other people. She's always so sad when, adult or child, has to end their visit. Count it a compliment for the visitors, I'm not sure what for mom and dad!

Dear Jesus

Addie is quick on the draw when it comes to praying for boo boos. If you have one, she wants to pray for it, maybe not right then, but she'll remember it at bedtime. Last week she fell while playing outside and scraped her knee, arm and hand. I knew she was hurting, but through her tears she immediately asked if I would pray for her boo boos.

She love's 'em. Can't get enough of them.

Addie has developed a habit of sighing deeply (and hilariously) in various situations. The other day, after already kissing and saying her goodbyes to Sabian as he was headed to church, we did our customary walk outside to stand on the porch and wave. As he drove off, her shoulders hanging as low as they might go, she sighed as deep as a two year old can sigh and hung her head. She'll do this if I tell her she can't have something, if we're not going somewhere, or sometimes just because. I wish I could capture it on video because it is pitiful and funny at the same time.

I'm sorry
Addie is learning to apologize when she's done something wrong, but there are time when she mis-uses her apology. For instance, if she asks for candy and I say no, she'll say "I'm sorry." It's as though she really is sorry she can't have candy. But trust me, she gets plenty.

So, that's my girl these days. There's so much more but that's what comes to mind right now.

As we anticipate Thanksgiving this week, here are a few photos from another quick afternoon visit to the beach last week.

A dose of beach is sometimes just what we need. I am thankful for Thanksgiving this week. I think it will be a  good time.

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