Monday, November 7, 2011

The rundown

The weekend, oh the weekend. They come, they go, fun is had, toes get smashed and then Monday rolls around again.

Friday: Spent the morning doing some work, caught up with my sister (my brother-in-law is home and recovering nicely), spent a fairly relaxing afternoon around the house and then off to the beach to enjoy a chilly sunset.

Smiles, courtesy of Addie.

Saturday: Straightening iron died, church yard sale, Sabian's big toe is run over by the cart carrying all of the tables for the yard sale. Plans to head out that night are squashed (no pun intended), off to a friend's (who is a nurse) to check out his injury, home for lunch and naps for Addie and Sabian while I run off for a new straightener and some sanity (i.e., free Starbucks drink).

Sunday: New Sunday School class (taking Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University) and realizing (like I didn't already know) we need to win the lottery, Addie does great in Sunday morning service, Sabian hobbles around and tries to avoid being stepped on all day.

And here we are at the end of Monday, which brings us to the big news in our household: potty training. Or, as I like to call it, Potty Patrol. I'll spare the details, but Addie did pretty well today. I was expecting a struggle of a day but I am really proud of her and her progress. By no means do I think we're in the clear after only day #1. I think we'll have some issues in the #2 category (oops, there I go, details), but I'm praying about that. Addie and I have been praying together for the last two weeks for her potty training and I honestly think that has helped prepare her. That, and the promise of treats for her efforts, of course. I find myself wondering when I think we'll ever leave the house again, but Wednesday night will be the test, as we'll have to venture out to church. Thankfully, we have some understanding and experienced nursery workers armed with a pint-sized bathroom nearby.

I'll also try to spare you the details, and any photos - because we do have them - of Sabian's toe, but I will say that it's not pretty. Unless you consider shades of black and blue and red pretty. Toes, you just don't think about how important they are until you can't use one.

Today I am thankful for a better than expected first potty training day. Here's to praying and hoping tomorrow is a good one, too.

My big girl!
P.S. Yes, that is pee pee in the potty. Rather than taking a full on photo of her first success, I figured this would be acceptable. What can I say? Proud Mommy. I'm sure you understand :)

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