Thursday, November 3, 2011

House cleaning & breaking the rules

First, house cleaning. 

Not actually cleaning the floors and scrubbing toilets, rather, updating you on a couple of things from past posts.

The Cardinals won the World Series. Old news, I guess, in the sense that it happened almost two weeks ago, but not old in the sense that it is great to be on the winning side. Congratulations, Cardinals!

Second item of business, my brother-in-law. His surgery went as planned and he is doing well. In fact, he is now at home recovering. Surgery on Tuesday, home today. It will be two to three months before he knows anything about the person who received his kidney, although he knows their surgery went well and I believe they, too, are on their way home. His roommate for his hospital stay was also a kidney donor - he donated to his one year old nephew. I haven't yet talked to my sister so I don't know the whole story, but how cool is that? 

Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers for Dan.

Now, breaking the rules.

I've written before about my self-imposed, wait-until-the-day-after-Christmas-to-listen-to-Christmas-music rule. Apparently, according to that post, I was a bit of a rule breaker then, too. Well, I've done it again this year, and even earlier. I couldn't resist listening to She & Him's Christmas tunes. What can I say? I'm excited about Christmas.

So, that's about it. Well, except for this sweet photo of my little bag lady, off to church last night.

 Look closely at her shirt. It's titled, "Fail." I love Threadless.

I am thankful for the amazing weather we have today and date night tonight!

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