Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It is Well

I've almost forgotten to write this post. Mulling over what I was going to post about today, it popped into my head.

There were five Sundays in October. Whenever we have a fifth Sunday, that evening's service is dubbed a "Fifth Sunday Sing." Instead of normal Sunday evening service, various people share through singing. It might be considered a traditional, maybe even old fashioned practice - I remember having these in church growing up - but you always know when it's the fifth Sunday, there's going to be singing.

When Addie and I arrived at church and she sought out Sabian as she always does when we get to church, he said to me, "I think I'm going to sing tonight." I thought he was kidding.

Sabian plays the guitar and while he can sing, he doesn't. At least, not usually. He wouldn't consider himself a singer, leaving that to our worship leaders, happy to accompany them with his guitar. He would even say he isn't a good guitar player, although he is better than he thinks he is. Really, he is.

The thing is, he says all of this out of humility. As a fellow "not singer," I can say that while I say he can sing well enough, he'd probably agree when I say it's best that neither one of us volunteer for a solo in the Christmas play. You get my drift?

Rewind to several weeks ago - in youth service our worship leader was unable to make it to service at the last minute. Sabian decided to go on with worship service, him leading. I was a little wary and while he warned the kids before we started and told them he'd be counting on them to belt it out to help him out, I was anticipating a bumpy few songs. Now don't get me wrong, it's not that I don't have faith in him, but remember what I just wrote about no solos in the Christmas play? There's a reason we're not up there singing.

Sabian's sacrifice did not escape me as he stood up there, strumming his guitar and trying his best to lead us through three songs. It might have been a, but I little rough, but I was pretty proud of our kids, as there was a segment of them that really supported him, singing out the songs as loudly as they could and shouting encouraging words to him.

Back to this past Sunday night. I really thought Sabian was joking when he said he was going to sing, but realized he was 100% serious when a little while later Pastor Joey asked him if he was ready. Sabian climbed the stairs, picked up his guitar and announced he'd be singing his favorite hymn, which he then proceeded to tell the story behind the song. I knew immediately what he was going to sing and thought, "Wow. He's going to tackle that?" 

Obedience. That's why he did it. Not because he is a born singer, not because it was requested by anyone, but because he felt God was prompting him to do so and he followed through.

He was great. He won't win a Grammy, won't cut any record deals, but I was so proud, not for the recognition of what he did, but just so thankful for his example. His humility humbles me.

This part has nothing to do with Sabian, but it does make me think, "What am I not listening to that God is trying to tell me? Show me? Teach me?" Is my pride in check, where it needs to be, so that I can be where God wants me to be - even if that means taking me out of my comfort zone?

The song? It is Well With My Soul.

Right on.

I am thankful for my husband.

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