Tuesday, October 25, 2011


The weather in the panhandle is down right bee-yootiful today. I was a little disappointed (okay, a lot) when I checked the forecast this week and saw we'd be seeing temps back into the 80s. But, I need not have been worried. The sun is shining, the breeze is blowing and the windows are still open.

I wanted to get Addie to the beach this week since it's been a while since we'd dug our toes into the sand. Seems we picked the perfect day for our little trip.

Addie filled in crab holes, built sand "towers", chased me, was chased by me, watched dolphins, scouted out stingrays and ran and ran and ran. It was a picture perfect beach day, the kind that makes you want to stay until the sun goes night night.

The water was really calm and clear today, which usually means we're likely to see some action - dolphins, jumping fish, you name it. We saw both, as well as diving pelicans and two huge stingrays. I saw their dark shadowy shapes in the water as soon as we got near and was able to get a pretty good look at one of them when he came close to shore. As Addie and I took a long walk, he followed along in the water for a while.

It was also the kind of day when you could pick up shells by the handful. I love that about Mexico Beach. Almost every time we go we can find shells and many times we've been crunching along as we walk because there are so many. We don't usually bring them home, since we already have so many, but today I did bring a few home. There were so many larger shells still intact, it was hard to pass them up.

Most of all it was fun to spend the time with Addie. I feel like we've had some really fun, bonding times in the last week or so - not without challenges, of course - but just good, quality time. Our beach time today was perfect, only made better if Sabian could have joined us.  That and subtract Addie dumping a ziploc bag of Frosted Mini Wheats cereal all over the back seat on our way home, prompting an unscheduled (but much needed) vacuuming of the car.

Sifting through all of the shells along the beach today, I couldn't help but consider God's creativity. He thought to make each one of the creatures that once inhabited those shells and made their temporary homes so unique. I'm sure each one has a purpose and does its own duty and has its own place in the water and along the shore and He designed it all. The dolphins, the stingray, the birds, the crabs - all designed by Him and each carrying out a purpose. Makes me feel small, in a way, in the grand scheme of things, yet He designed me, too, with a purpose, and although I might feel small and at times unsure of my purpose, He's designed a place for me. And, for you too!

I'm so thankful that part of my purpose is to be mom to Addie and wife to Sabian. I'm so thankful that part of that purpose meant spending some of this awesome day at the beach!

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