Friday, October 28, 2011

Baseball Butterflies

Tonight is it. Game 7 of the World Series. If the Cardinals pull out a win tonight, we've one it all.

While I'm not the world's most devoted (or knowledgeable) baseball fan, I've certainly learned more about the game and have come to appreciate it more and have more fun with it since I met Sabian. He's a hard core Cardinals fan, as are his two closest friends from college. I can't count how many phone conversations I've heard, from Sabian's side, about players, plays, errors and the like. I kind of marvel at these conversations, that they can go on forever, are so detailed and fervent, but it makes you realize that this game - baseball - really is an American passion.

Fair weather baseball fan or die hard believer, this has been an exciting World Series. First, that the Cardinals even made it at all, and now, to be playing for the world champion title after last night's game. I have to admit, I wasn't watching the game. I couldn't. I was too nervous. After reading a few stories and going through the normal bedtime routine I retreated to our office. Sabian was camped on the couch, talking to the TV. I may not have been watching, but I could gauge how things were going by Sabian's outbursts.

My stomach was in knots. I had a headache. I was trying to concentrate on other things, but I had an ear out for the cheers coming from the television. I kept thinking, "Really? Is this me?" And it was, and I was hoping for a win.

And it happened. 11th inning and one strike to go. And then this.

Sabian and I had our own hugging-jumping-up-and-down celebration in the living room. I almost wished Addie was awake, as she has been randomly yelling, "Go Cardinals!" throughout the series and asking to watch baseball. So while she slept soundly in her bed, we celebrated with the rest of the Cardinal Nation.

How fun it would be to be in St. Louis right now. How great it would be, even without game tickets (which my brother-in-law has for tonight and was there last night - jealous!), to head downtown, hang out around Busch Stadium, and take in the excitement and energy coursing through the city.

We'll rally as best as we can down here in Braves country, cheering our guys on and hoping for a win. Win or not, the Cardinals have already made history with this World Series.

Fellow Cardinals fans, aren't you just biting at the bit, to at some exciting point in your life, not matter what it might be, to be able to say..."I feel like David Freese in Game 6 of the 2011 World Series?" 

I am thankful I'm not a Rangers fan! Go Cards!

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