Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A sweet happy mother's day & a few other things

Something in the air has been making me soooo tired and soooo unmotivated. I had grand plans to be really productive and disciplined this week. It's only Tuesday and I think I've busted those goals. The good thing is, there's a whole rest of the week to be had so here I'll start it off with a blog post.

Mother's Day was a good day. In fact, the whole weekend was fun. We spent some time getting things done, playing at the beach and taking some time to relax. Sunday Sabian was preaching in the morning service and profiled Mary. If you're interested you can read his notes here. We headed home for lunch and naps and then back out to the beach to play around while the sunset. From there we got something to eat and then back home for bedtime. Between all of that, my sweet flowers and card from Addie and the family pictures we'll have taken in a couple of weeks, it was a good, good Mother's Day. I miss being with my mom at times like these but knowing I will see her soon helped!

Yesterday the mom duties kicked it into gear when Sabian and I realized we (I) needed to take Addie to the pediatrician. Another bug bite, this one near her eye, was causing Addie's eye to swell and as of Sunday night was looking pretty bad. I kept calling her "Rocky" because it looked like the poor girl had been in a fight.

As it turns out, it looked worse than it was, as no infection had set in and it didn't seem to be bothering her too much. Today it looks much better and hopefully will continue to do so. You'd think she was allergic to these bites since it seems like we have so much trouble with them but our doctor doesn't seem to think she is. 

Without further adieu, here are a few photos from our weekend.

Wearing Mommy's shoes before church.

After a few attempts, finally a Mother's Day shot.

Horseshoe crab shell!

 I am thankful to be a mom! It's the hardest, most challenging, most rewarding job I've ever had and will ever have.

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elise said...

so glad you had a relaxing and lovely weekend- mine was the same :O) you looked beautiful!
my kids are the same with bug bites- hoping it will be better this year!
we just got some sneak peeks of our pictures, hope yours turn out great!