Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Beach, bubbles & bug bites

Early this morning I stepped outside, shivered, and went back in for a jacket before I went out on a walk with a friend.

It's May, yet it was chilly this morning. Chilly. I was so pleasantly surprised. No heat, no humidity, no sweating between the front door and the car. No way. 

I had already thought about taking Addie for a trip to the beach today, one that included swimsuits and sunscreen. As it turned out, we still went, but instead we donned sweatshirts. After a little running around we were able to shed the sweatshirts but there was no swimming for us. We stayed until we couldn't stand the wind whipping the sand into our legs anymore and then made our way home for lunch and a nap.

Now, on to bubbles. If you have a bubble fanatic in your house (like I do), you need one of these:

Run by two AA batteries, this little fan blows more bubbles than anything else I've seen of this size. When I first saw it with our friends at Easter, I knew we had to have one, especially after seeing Addie's reaction to all of the bubbles. It sells for $8 and says "Infinite Bubbles" on the handle. I couldn't find it online but we bought ours at Wal-mart.

And now, bug bites. Addie spent some time running around outside with Sabian and some boys from church last night and is paying for it today with big bug bites all over her legs. I, usually on top of it with the bug spray, slacked and didn't even think about it. Before now we could douse her bites with Calamine lotion and we were good to go. It was as though she didn't know she had any bites. Well, except for that one bite last year. Okay, okay, two bites. Aside from those, she never really seemed to be bothered by them. 

That seems to have changed.

I guess now she is old enough to really realize that they itch and she's not as distracted by other things to keep her mind off of them. Shaun the Sheep helps, but she was none too happy this afternoon when she woke up from her nap. Poor girl. I plopped her in the bathtub for a bath (hoping it would help the bites and take care of the sand we brought in from the beach) and then we set off in search of some Benadryl cream before we headed to church. So far, so good.

I am thankful for bedtime today, mine and Addie's. But first, to catch up on Survivor!

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elise said...

poor baby with her bites:O(
i can relate- at the moment i think i have "PUPS" the late pregnancy itchy bumps that make you crazy!
glad you had a cool refreshing day!