Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring has Sprung

We've been taking advantage of some of the beautiful weather we've been having here by heading outside. Addie loves being outside, but given that she's still moving mostly on all fours, plus my hate/hate relationship with the ants, I have to keep a fairly watchful eye as she makes her way around the yard. When our front door opens, if she catches a glimpse of blue sky and it closes without her getting to take a look at it, watch out!

Before we left for Illinois early last month we spent an afternoon in the yard and once again Addie showed her penchant for choosing sticks and leaves.

Just this week we ventured out to swing for the first time in weeks. This lasted *surprisingly* just a few minutes before Addie let it be known that she wanted to explore rather than be strapped in to some silly swing. What?! Is this the same girl who wanted to swing forever?

Then, finally, we made it to the beach one afternoon. We lasted about an hour before we gave in to the wind whipping the sand around our legs, but for that hour Addie enjoyed playing in the sand (not eating it!) and watching the birds devour our stale crackers.

Aside from the warm weather, one of the telltale signs of the season change here is our yard. Or front yard, as you may have seen from earlier posts, is pretty big. Once it starts turning green it makes such a difference, although right now it is harder to tell since we have piles of dirt strewn about. That's another story. Either way, it is nice to see a stretch of green out there and makes me forget, momentarily, about those pesky ants.

I also loooooove the smell of the wild onions in the air. That's one of my favorite signs of Spring.

I am thankful for a little girl who is teaching me that being cooped up inside is not a good thing. Fresh(ish) air, tweeting birds, and warm sunshine are good for the soul.

Happy Easter, everyone! Amidst the eggs and the ham and the other festivities, take time to remember the gift that we've been given, the reason we can rejoice each Easter and every day.

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