Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happy Birthday to Sabian!

Sunday, April 18, Sabian turned 31. I've said it before about being in the ministry and having a family birthday that falls on a Sunday. It's no fun. But, that's why you improvise.

The day before Sabian's birthday, which also happens to be my nephew, Christian's, birthday, Addie and I took Sabian out for the day. First we headed to a local (as in, about 30-40 minutes away) park, one we had both passed and been told about. It is called Under the Oaks park and it is literally under the oaks. Well, under trees, anyway. It's pretty cool how the trees make a canopy over the entire park, making it a perfect place to play. It is also on the water, of what body of water I don't know, and has an awesome playground. Addie, of course, took up residence on the swings but I think she'll love going back when she can really play around.

So, we had a picnic, splashed in the water, and had a little fun at the playground.

After the park we headed home so that Addie could catch a nap before the evening adventure. We headed out early to get dinner because our destination was a mystery to Sabian and I wanted to make sure we got in not too long after the restaurant opened. I wasn't sure how busy it would be, nor was I exactly sure where we were going. It had been years since I had eaten at this particular place and Sabian never had, so I was excited to take him there.

We made it to Captain Anderson's in time to get a table with a great view of the water. The restaurant is located on the docks in Panama City Beach so you are able to watch the boats pull in and bring in their catch. We were more preoccupied with making sure broccoli and bread made it into Addie's mouth rather than on the floor, but it was still a nice view. After dinner we took a stroll along the docks to check out the boats and made our way through the crowd of prom goers waiting to board a boat for their dinner cruise.

On Sabian's actual birthday we celebrated with strawberry shortcake, a candle, and some singing. I think Addie thought we were singing for her because she got that embarrassed look on her face she got when we sang to her for her birthday, minus the tears.

I probably say it a lot, but I am thankful for my husband. He does countless seen and unseen things for us and I under appreciate him, but I sure do love him and am thankful for him.

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