Monday, April 26, 2010

Fish Guts

There's nothing like providing a meal for your family by catching it with your own hands and preparing it at home, fresh out of the water.

So says a boy.

The day before Sabian's birthday our neighbor, Mr. Miller, took Sabian fishing for the day. When Sabian returned home he beamed with pride as he showed off his catch.

Addie and I, of course, were very proud of him and made sure he knew it. I was even happier the next morning after the cooler containing the catch had been removed from my kitchen and replaced with nice, neat ziplocked bags of fish in my freezer, safely out of view and smell.

A couple of nights later Sabian filleted the fish as best as they could be filleted and deboned and this was the end result:

A little oil and some salt and pepper and we had a meal. It was actually pretty good - we're planning on finishing off the rest tomorrow night.

I am thankful for my husband, who had fun preparing us dinner literally from start to finish.

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