Wednesday, September 9, 2009

When Grandma Comes to Town

Last Thursday night Sabian's mom flew in to spend the long weekend with us...and boy were her arms tired! Ha.

As mother-in-laws go, she is one of the easiest house guests you will ever have - up for anything and simply happy to hang out. We spent her first full day here with a few hours at the beach; it was a perfect day to be out there. Surprisingly, the beach was not yet crowded for the holiday weekend and it was sunny, but not too hot. We were treated to a show by several dolphins that came very close to shore, as well as about a dozen pelicans that were fishing almost the entire time we were out there.

As indicated by the many photos we have taken, Addie has had several trips to the beach but we usually get out there around sunset and spend about an hour or so walking, finding shells, and watching the colors in the sky change. This was her first "day" on the beach and her first real dip in the Gulf. Just as with her first time in the pool, she was mesmerized by the water and, as it turns out, seems to like the taste of salt water. Blech. She did really well while we were out there and thanks to me, had a patch of sun around her eye. Seems my attempt to protect her with sunscreen and a hat was successful save for one eye.

Later that night we went to Pier Park and did a little shopping. Saturday we got up and went to Apalachicola and did a little exploring on St. George Island. We do have photos of this excursion but they are in our other camera. If I can remember, I will post those when we have them loaded.

Sunday was a regular church day, although our evening service was canceled for the holiday weekend. That was when we took Cheryl on the 5 cent tour of Wewa. We also had Addie dedicated at our church here that morning. We'd had her dedicated at my home church back in May and we've been wanting to do it here, so it worked out well to have Sabian's mom here during that special time.
I am thankful for a good weekend and a good visit. I think we're all still recovering from being on the go, but we can always take an extra nap or two - you'll hear no complaints from me about that!

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goldberry said...

Hi Melissa, this is Ivana from Croatia. I love your post and I enjoyed reading about your life. Your little girl is georgeous:) I especially think so because it seems my third will be a boy. again. I already have 2:)
anyway, just wanted to say hi and wish you a good day/evening!