Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Happy Lazy Day

I know everyone can appreciate a day when you can go at your own pace - no appointments, no commitments, no obligations. That was Labor Day for us.

Well, there was one order of the day, and that was getting Sabian's mom to the airport for her flight yesterday morning. Leaving from Tallahassee (most of the time it is cheaper to get flights in and out of that airport), her flight left at 7:15 a.m. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, she needed to be there about an hour and a half early, and factoring in that Tallahassee is an hour ahead of us, that meant that they had to leave at 3 a.m. Sabian was back in bed by 6 a.m. CST, and snoozed for as long as he could without sleeping the day away.

Once he and Addie were up from their long morning sleeping, the three of us headed out for a late lunch in Port St. Joe. I'm sure I've said it before, but St. Joe is a small town (although bigger than Wewa!) on the water about 30 minutes from us. When it comes to sports, they are Wewa rivals. They are also located in the Eastern time zone. We had lunch and then took a walk by the water and out on the pier for a better view. It was a nice day and a great way to round out an otherwise busy weekend. We had a great time with Sabian's mom while she was here - details and photos to come later.

While we were in St. Joe we took Addie to a little park. We put her in a swing for the first time and quickly realized either she is too small, the swing was too big, or both. I think if we could get her in the right sized swing, she would like it. For now, she was pretty fascinated with her shadow. (For the record, her feet do not touch the ground...yet!)

While we were on the pier we saw some wild looking fish:

Long, skinny, and iridescent - Sabian said he noticed an electric charge come off of one of them. There were several swimming around, adults and what looked like some young 'uns.

Today I am thankful for my thoughtful husband, who brought these roses back from his errand running. Whether he knew it or not, I really need these today.

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Lee Ann said...

Addie looks so much bigger in these pics! Her cheeks look a little rounder. She's such a cutie!