Saturday, September 5, 2009

Get to Know Some Strange Folk!

While my mother-in-law is in town this weekend we are in and out and keeping very busy. As a result, I do want to keep the blog updated but may not have the time to sit down and really get to tell you and show you all that we're doing. So, in the meantime, I'll put in a quick plug.

Two years ago I heard about an indie/handmade craft festival taking place in O'Fallon, IL. I went by myself to check it out. This isn't your grandma's craft festival. You'll find no country ducks dressed in bonnets and aprons here.

The Strange Folk Festival is all about all things handmade - cool things handmade. Even though I walked away with just one purchase (the tote bag they make every year bearing the name of the festival), I had a really good time and saw some great stuff. I was pretty disappointed that moving to Wewa meant I was going to miss it last year, and since then I have heard and read that even more components have been added to this little festival - music, food, etc. It's generated such a name for itself that I really think some bands and food people are vying for spots. What's so cool about this festival is that it takes place in Illinois. There are a few of these same type of festivals taking place in St. Louis throughout the year but this one is in the community park in O'Fallon, which is great.

I say all of this to say this - go to Strange Folk! If it is even better than the first year it was held, then it is really worth going. If I still lived in the area, I would even think of volunteering. If I still lived in the area, I would save up my allowance to splurge at this festival.

So, go, have fun, and buy something handmade. You'll probably even get to meet some of the cool people from Etsy, my not-so-secret addiction.

Today I am thankful for the talents of other people who make neat things that the rest of us crafty-less people can buy. Now, if only I had a budget to do it as often as I'd like!

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