Friday, September 18, 2009

The Skies are Silent in Wewa

Today, we had sun, which means I was able to make a last minute run to the beach. I wasn't planning on going today but when the sun's rays appeared to be streaming through the windows this morning, Sabian told me to go so, I went.

Minimal sunbathers, multiple birds, and a lone crab. It was a good morning.

The day started with one of my favorite ways to start the day - hanging out with Addie in our bed. We always know when she's really up when we hear her squealing and talking to herself in the morning - she's usually content to hang out on her own for a little while. Then, one of us goes in to get her, and as soon as she sees us, it's like we've been gone a week rather than just a few hours - her smile couldn't get any bigger.

We bring her in our room for a little tickling, some peek-a-boo, and overall general snuggling before the day gets going.

We don't get to begin every day this way, but it sure is nice when we do.

Today I am thankful for these days that start out this way!

P.S. There is a crab in the 3rd photo, he's just hard to see.

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