Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Love, By Hand

Love shows itself in many different ways. When it comes to us and the little girl who is coming our way just about any day, our friends and family and even those we don't know very well have given and continue to give of themselves. We are humbled and grateful for the love and generosity people have shown us through our baby showers in Illinois and Florida, through the packages that have arrived at our door, the gifts left for us at church, and the promise of help in a variety of ways once the baby is here.

The photo above is just one of my favorite ways in which people have blessed us. We have received many great gifts which will prove to be useful and fun, and those pictured above are no exception. We have many awesome quilts and blankets to wrap Addie in and those in the photo are just a few of what we have received. Each one of these has been handmade for her by people who are special to us and who exhibit way more talent than I will ever have! What I love about these quilts is that I can look at each one and think of the person who lovingly made them for us and then pass that along to Addie. I just wanted to share them and the time and effort that went into making each one of them.

We have also received personalized burp cloths and blankets and handmade booties, as well as a whole host of other gifts for which we are extremely grateful. I can look at all of it and be thankful for those who have given them to us and are excitedly waiting with us to welcome Addie into our family and all of yours.

While I wish I had half the talent that many of you have to create handmade gifts, I am thankful for your talent and how you have chosen to use it!


Jamie said...

don't you just love all things hand made. i think adali's entire nursery was bought off of etsy. LOVE. you are very lucky to have crafty people around you that have made things for your little girl.

Melissa said...

Oh etsy, I love etsy! I found a woman on there who made the bedding and valance for Addie's room and have a few more things in there from etsy. 'Tis and addiction!