Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Corner Store

I have a friend here whose name is Libby. She gets me out of the house to go on walks around Wewa, where we meet many people and pop in and out of the library, where we don't even have to have our card to check out books. Well, we're supposed to, but because this is the place "where everybody knows your name," they certainly know where to find us if we breach library rules. We also hit up the Dollar General from time to time and a morning walk is never complete without Libby finding a penny on the ground - seriously. It's even starting to freak me out.

Last week we went to Panama City to visit a couple of our church members who are sick and we ran a couple of errands while we were "in town." We also managed to see a certain"darkish" movie at the stinky dollar theater. No worries, as time wore on, we didn't even notice the smell - hmm, not so comforting in hindsight...

As we were driving along and stopped at a traffic light Libby pointed out a certain sign for a store on the corner and I frantically dug through my purse to find my camera so that I could bring you this:

One day, I will step foot into this store.

Today, I am thankful for Libby!

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