Wednesday, August 1, 2012

She's here

From this:

To this:

And then this:
It's been over a month since I've blogged and there's much to catch up on, but this, well, this is the big news.

Olive Mae Chaney made her appearance on Tuesday, July 24 at 7:34 in the morning. Weighing 6 lbs. 12 oz. and measuring 20 inches long, her sweet disposition and bright eyes have made their mark on the three of us Chaneys who have been anxiously waiting for her to join our family.

Overwhelmed. If I type any more than that I'll dissolve into tears. This would be of no surprise to my patient husband, who is sitting next to me on the couch while we watch the Olympics, as it is surprising he hasn't yet had to build an ark to make it through the tears that have accompanied these post-partum days.

Okay, okay, I'll type a little more but I warn you - coupled with just finishing watching the girls take home gold in gymnastics, you might have to borrow a boat to find me tomorrow.

I'm just so thankful. We have two healthy girls. Two. And yes, we are adjusting, but we're a week in and it feels so good to be a family of four.

I'm thankful for, great friends who took amazing care of Addie while we were in the hospital. I prayed and prayed and hoped she would do well and she did.

I'm thankful for those from our church family who have provided meals for us since we've been home. Between those meals and their leftovers, I haven't had to cook a meal in a week.

It's after midnight and I suppose I should be responsible and head to bed. I think the nap I was able to take this afternoon has given me a false sense of restfulness. I should know by now I can't "store up" that rest!

More details on Olive's birthday and the weeks preceding her big day will be forthcoming. For now, my heart is full of thanks.

Welcome to the world my sweet Olive.

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