Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Oh wait, there's more!

As I was going through some pictures I realized there was a little bit of life going on in the weeks I was absent from the blog.

Lounging with Daddy.

Our youth group/ladies at church threw us a sweet baby shower.

Ah, yes, my belly was just a game. ;)

Beach visit with some friends.

Can't hit the beach without catching a crab!

Carson and Addie.

Fireworks on the beach.

Second round of fireworks with friends in Wewa.

Wewa puts on a good show!

Fireworks and friends.

Mini golf with our youth kids.

Cow Appreciation Day!
We had plenty to do to keep us busy as we waited for Olive's arrival, but trust me when I say we took plenty of time to rest, too.

I am thankful for the friends we have to share these fun memories! 

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