Thursday, December 10, 2009

Lots O' Happenings

Phew. I guess I decided to take another blogging vacation - a blogcation?

Just a few days after my last post Addie and I were preparing to leave to go back home so that I could stand up for my friend, Kim, in her wedding. I was really happy to be going home and was looking forward to seeing my friend Kim, who I have missed seeing the last couple of trips.

Cold. It was cold in Illinois and even snowed while we were there. You can't tell in this photo, but it is snowing outside. Addie's first snow!

There really wasn't enough snowfall to speak of, but it was fun to know that we were there to see a few flakes nonetheless. Addie is sporting her PJs because we were at my brother's house hanging out with my niece, Eden. A taste of two babies - lots of fun but lots of work, too! One does not have enough eyes or hands to keep track of both. Hence, Eden dining on a little dirt as an after dinner snack. Oops!

The trip to and from home via airplane requires a layover each way. This time we stopped in Memphis and had fairly short layovers - just long enough for a diaper change and a little wait before we boarded the plane. The weather wasn't supposed to be great on the way back but our flights were on time and our last flight even left us with a free seat for Addie to play in while we traveled the last leg. She did really well both ways and we had great seat mates, people who understood what it was to have a little one. I was so grateful for their patience and kindness and even their help as we got off the plane. I was pretty glad that our last flight home was fairly empty, as Addie had a blowout diaper and I had the pleasure of squeezing ourselves into the bathroom, changing Addie without getting mess everywhere, all while bumping and bouncing to turbulence.

Oh, the turbulence. I'm not so great with motion sickness and both of our flights back to Florida provided many drops, bumps, and bounces, which was tough to handle. I think at first Addie thought the bouncing was a lot of fun, but I sure didn't agree. It was rough. Really rough. But, like I said, Addie did do well flying. No crying, a little fussing, but a whole lot of playing and smiling at our fellow passengers. Her favorite toy? The safety card. Curiously enough her favorite time to fall asleep was during our descent. It never failed, she was always snoozing by the time we landed.

Waiting for the plane:

One tired girl on the way to see Daddy (notice her "toy" in the seat with her):

The trip itself was a whirlwind. Never enough time at home. We spent time with my family, hit up my nephew's hockey game, and did a little shopping.

Addie was able to hang out with my mom, brother, sister-in-law, and Eden while I was at the wedding. We had a great time marrying off Kim and Vince and enjoying a good time at the Tap Room, celebrating their day. It felt a little weird, being out without Addie, but I think part of that had to do with leaving Sabian back in Florida, too.

The beautiful bride!

All in all it was fun to take a quick trip home before we'll head back for Christmas. I like when our trips are close together because then the goodbyes aren't so bad.

Hopefully in the next post I can share photos of Addie's first tree decorating experience. For now, we're battling what I think is a stomach bug, so rest is the first thing on my mind. We were sick right before we left and now when we get back. Hmm, is it something about Wewa? Ha.

I am thankful for safe flights to and from St. Louis and that Addie did so well on the trip. Oh, and for the clean house sans dirty dishes and dirty laundry when I got back. Even vacuum marks in the carpet!

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Lee Ann said...

Ivory definitely fell asleep shortly prior to descent every flight for us, too! What is up with that?! Glad your trip went well! Message me when you're feeling better & we'll have a Christmas meal together--or at least some hot chocolate & peppermint sticks. Hope ya'll get better soon!