Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Starring Addie as....Baby Jesus

Yes, that's right, Addie made her acting debut over the weekend and she started off with a big role...Baby Jesus.

About an hour before our morning church service started Sabian called to ask me if it would be okay if Addie played the part in a living nativity our pastor was wanting to use for his sermon illustration. "Sure, " I said, fully knowing that Sunday morning service is always the same time when Addie would normally be taking a nap, so how long we last in service is always a gamble.

So, we got to church, hunted for something she could wear, and waited. When Mary and Joseph made their way to the stage, Sabian took Addie up and handed her over. The good thing was that "Mary" was being played by one of our teenagers from our youth group, a girl Addie already knows.

Waiting to go on:

Sabian took some video and I will post the shortest one. It is just over three minutes - really, you don't have to watch the whole thing, but here is a taste of how our little actress did. (Check out the historically accurate pacifier.)

For booking inquiries, contact mom.

I am thankful for a healthy, nine month old (!) Addie who is lots and lots of fun. Oh, and flexible. Not just any girl can play Jesus.

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jamie said...

great job addie! you were a great baby jesus.