Monday, December 8, 2008

Taking Inventory

One shredded Barbie blow up ball. One soccer ball. One gun case. One bucket. Miscellaneous trash. And, of course, one boot.

This is the latest haul currently scattered about our front yard. It started with the Barbie ball one day last week and our friend continued to add to it. Over a period of about four days, this is what accumulated and I suspect it will only grow. The difference over these last few days is that the culprit is no longer in hiding and seems to be proud of his work. He even appears to be guarding it. It's either that or he feels he is protecting our house. Or, more likely, maybe this is the best vantage point he has for checking out his house across the street.

Whatever his reason, he seems to be a bit bored with it all. Maybe that's why the collection of items has grown.
Perhaps his boredom is what caused him to invite a friend.

Does this mean our front yard is the official canine club hang out for the neighborhood? I wonder who, or what, will appear tomorrow morning.

Speaking of friends, I said farewell to my pal Nicole this afternoon as she boarded her plane to fly back to St. Louis. The road to the airport to pick someone up is always filled with such anticipation, while the drive home after dropping them off is often very long. We enjoyed a few days of exploring some new areas and visiting familiar places. We even made it out to the beach for a chilly sunset.

And to lunch on the river in Apalachicola. See how nicely Nicole coordinates with the decor?

It was a good visit and nice to see a familiar face from home.

In a couple of weeks we will head home for Christmas but until then we have plenty to keep us occupied. Church happenings and the hustle and bustle of getting ready for Christmas, a trip, and a baby are enough to make the days pass by quickly. Now, if I can just do all of this while nursing a swollen, scraped up foot, I'm good. It's nothing serious, just a sore foot and bruised pride. I am thankful it is nothing worse!

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