Monday, October 11, 2010

Birthday-palooza 2010

Another year has come and gone, another birthday celebration in the books. 

Since our vacation plans changed we ended up being in Charleston on my actual birthday. Unsure of exactly what we would be doing on that actual day, Sabian planned a dinner out for us the night before we left to go out of town. Coincidentally or providentially, however you want to look at it, that night happened to be a Thursday night, which also happens to be all-you-can-eat crab night at that little place I like, Two Crabs.

I realize I spent an entire post writing about crab the last time we went for this feast so I will spare the details and just refer you to that post. But, I do have better photos to accompany today's post.

While we were crackin' away Addie was next door with the Millers. Mrs. Miller, who is a teacher at the middle school, brought home a bag of goodies for Addie to play with, which included a white board and dry erase markers. She couldn't have known a better item to bring home as one of Addie's favorite past times lately is to write. We're still learning to keep it on the paper...

The white board was such a success that when it came time for us to leave Addie barely looked up from her "writing" to offer a hearty wave goodbye as we walked out. When we returned, stuffed and satisfied, we learned that Addie had a leaf throwing duel with Mr. Miller, played in the dirt and, among other activities, colored one of the Miller's new kittens pink.

In a nutshell, she had a grand ol' time. I had a hunch that the Millers were going to sleep very well that night.

My celebration was a fun kickoff for our vacation that was to start the next day. Little did I know just how exciting the beginning of our trip would be...intrigued? Good, there's more to come!

I am thankful for my thoughtful husband who treated me to a sweet birthday celebration.

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