Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I Never Win Anything & a Happy Birthday

Sabian isn't big on birthdays, so much so that he planned a youth retreat on his 30th birthday. While he may not be overly excited to celebrate his own day, I am more than happy to recognize the day that he was born. A week after his big day the three of us took the day to do what he wanted to do.

Our day started with stopping by Wewa's Electrical Co-op day. Our utilities come to us via a local co-op and they make a day of holding their annual meeting during which they offer food, free drinks, and a raffle, as well as some swell door prizes. We won this hanging plant for having the youngest person in attendance. Way to go, Addie! We actually beat out a one month old who had already left. Sweet victory.

We also ended up winning a $50 Wal-mart gift card. So much for never winning anything. I didn't even know about the co-op day until the night before but our visit was well worth it!

After a quick rest and some lunch, we headed to Eden Gardens, a Florida state park we've visited before. Sabian wanted to go back and take some pictures so we took advantage of the wonderful weather and headed out there.
Addie wasn't too impressed with the flowers that were as big as her head.

After the park we headed to Seaside for Addie's first trip to the beach. It was a very short trip, as it was pretty windy, but she managed to get a little sand between her toes. Her first footprints on the beach:

It was a good day, rounded out with dinner at Borago and a good night's sleep. The key to a good night with Addie is to get her out and about - it wears her out!

I am thankful that 30 years ago, my husband was born.

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